About Bike Buddy

Bike Buddy connects people who are interested in trying bicycle commuting with experienced bicycle commuters who want to help.

There are some great tools available to connect current commuters of varying types and transportation options. Bike Buddy is the first to exclusively match cyclists solely based on their experience level.

Bike Buddy is an Austin Bike Month initiative. We hope it will provide insight into the demand for this type of service, and what kinds of services we can offer to bring more people to try bike commuting.

We hope Bike Buddy helps you have a great bike commuting experience. If you run into any problems or have any feedback, don't hesitate to contact us at: bike-buddy@open-austin.org


Visit My Commute Solutions for information on general commuting options in Central Texas, including tools to find commute partners.

Visit Movability Austin to find out how they can be your commuting concierge, bringing you the information and services you need, and helping you build a support network to get where you need to go.

About Open Austin

Open Austin is a local, volunteer advocacy group. We advocate for open government, open data, and civic technology. Bike Buddy was created by our volunteer hackers, and presented as a public service.


Contributors include: Chip Rosenthal (project lead), Lewis Leff, Juliette Kernion, and Noah Sloan.

This project is open source, and can be downloaded at: https://github.com/chip-rosenthal/bike-buddy.


Bike Buddy was developed as a partnership between Open Austin, the Office of Council Member Chris Riley, the City of Austin Public Works Neighborhood Connectivity Division, and many of the great bicycle organizations in Austin.